I Heart Faces Photo Challenge-May Flowers

I had grand plans to take a walk and photograph many spring flowers, however, Mother Nature had her own plans…RAIN-RAIN-RAIN.  With this late arrival of spring, most of the flowers just haven’t peeked yet.  I do, however, have this lonely pot under cover on the patio and it became my inspiration today. 🙂  

Head over to  I Heart Faces for a week of beautiful flowers. 🙂

I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges and Photo Tutorials

I Heart Faces


2 responses to “I Heart Faces Photo Challenge-May Flowers

  • Michelle

    Beautiful fower and great bokeh!

  • Deborah

    This is beautiful, Lisa! We’ve had a lot of rain, as well, so it has been hard to get out there and have a ‘flower session’! My image was indoors, as you could see, and thank you for dropping over! I so appreciated your comment! Your photos here are wonderful! I, too, am working towards a photography business, but I feel I still need lots of practice first! I’m hoping it won’t be long though! 🙂 You have a wonderful day …. and, I hope a dry one! Sad to say, there’s more rain on the way here, too. =\

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