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Lisa 🙂


Mike & Jill’s Engagement Pictures

~Do What Makes 

You Happy

~Be With Who

Makes You Smile

~Laugh As Much

As You Breath

~Love As Long As 

You Live



He’s quiet, laid back,  and adorable.

She’s beautiful, laughs a lot, and has the best smile.

Hand in hand, they are  just so, so cute.


Thank you sis for letting me practice on you guys.


Fix-It Friday #104 – Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

Happy Friday!

Over at IHeartFaces, it’s Fix it Friday again.  Today’s problem photo was provided by Rachel Durik from Savor Photography.  What a beautiful model we have!

The first picture is the SOOC (straight out of the camera)

In Light Room 3…. cropped in closer, did some basic adjustments with the exposure, brought down the red sat and raised the blues (for her eyes), sharpened, noise red and then vignette.

On this last pictures I popped over to PS and added a free texture from Florabella.  Just learned how to do that! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

~Lisa 🙂

I Heart Faces Photography Community

Father’s Day

Yesterday we enjoyed a Father’s Day cookout to celebrate the men in our family :).

Fix-It Friday #103 | Hands-On Photo Editing Fun!

It’s Fix-It-Friday with a family photo provided by Susan Keller.  Head on over to I heart faces to view a fabulous tutorial by Susan and also check out all the other fun Friday edits. 🙂

Here is Susan’s SOOC image:
And now my turn to edit: 🙂
In Light Room I started with a crop.  I used the white balance dropper and adjusted from there until I liked what I saw. I bumped up the luminance and saturation a bit. I also increased brightness and exposure as well as sharpness.
Happy Friday Everyone!
Lisa 🙂

Sunday Snapshots

Being a mother to the most amazing kids is one of my very favorite things.

I wouldn’t trade it

for anything.

This first picture I snapped quickly as Kim was climbing up to sit on a rock wall.  🙂

This one might have to be an upcoming Father’s Day gift.

I always love their silliness….

In this last group picture, I tried to catch the soft light as the sun was setting.


IHF- Fix it Friday #102

It’s Fix-It-Friday over at I Heart Faces.  Could this week’s “troubled photo” get any cuter?  She makes you want to just kiss those chubby cheeks!


Original photo provided by  I Heart Faces .


First edit-color:
Edited in Light Room 3.  I was looking to edit this photo light and airy.
Second Edit-B&W
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